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Buckholme Towers was established in 1939, and our fantastic Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) is already planning how to celebrating our Independent Prep School’s 80th anniversary next year. However, what about the next 80 years?, or even the next 8 years (as this is how long parents consider sending their child to the school)?

Our Vision Statement aims to explain what we would like to see our pupils achieve during their time with us, however on this this page you will be given an insight into the Proprietor’s personal commitment to the future of Buckholme Towers School.

I am completely committed to Buckholme and, as the sole proprietor, I am now in a position to ensure it remains in the community for generations to come.

Having established his own successful accountancy practice, Eric has a strong financial background. During the banking crisis in the 80’s and 90’s he was highly regarded by the “Big Four” banks for turning around failing businesses throughout the South of England. In addition to this he has owned many successful businesses. He joined Buckholme in 2010, and Buckholme parents (both current and prospective) should be reassured to know that the investment in the school remains strong. The future of Buckholme is looking very positive: our Key Stage 2 SATs are the best in Poole and our children achieved 100% success in their 11+ testing. The re-opening of the pre-school in September is already proving popular, with numbers increasing steadily as predicted.

As a parent of three boys, all of whom all received a preparatory school education, I understand the expectation and challenges that parents may face.

Eric has a personal understanding of what parents expect and the challenges they may face when paying for their children’s education. Parents are assured, “your children will receive an above-average education that will find and nurture their individual strengths,” however alongside this Eric assures parents that the business element is sound and properly run.

I am fully committed to investing in the future success of Buckholme Towers School

Staff can be confident of a secure job and future career. They will continue to receive the support to do what they do best: teach and support the children, and they will be encouraged to progress in their chosen careers.

Parents can sleep soundly in the knowledge that they have chosen a school with a strong financial backing and a commitment to deliver an outstanding educational experience.

Pupils can continue to look forward to coming in to their very own family-feel, safe and happy school.

Allumni can return to the school with their own children and grandchildren!