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Why choose Buckholme Towers for your child?

Small Classes
averaging around 14 pupils

Happy Children
pupils told inspectors there was absolutely no bullying in school

Outstanding Achievements
in 2018 100% of Buckholme pupils who sat the test were offered places at the grammar schools
a greater percentage of Buckholme pupils achieved the expected standard in the Key Stage 2 SATs in 2017 and 2018, than those at any other school in Poole

The teachers "make lessons interesting, it's fun to learn at Buckholme. I feel like someone, not just a number. I know everyone and everyone knows me." Pupil Review

A report by the educational research centre, NFER, suggested that finding a school which ‘suited’ their child was the number one priority for parents. Other key factors were the location of the school, and the culture of discipline and behaviour. The quality and friendliness of the staff and examination results were also rated as important.

Choosing a school that ‘suits’ your child is an extremely personal process. It will almost certainly be influenced by your own experiences of school, but also ultimately by your intimate knowledge of your child. At Buckholme Towers we actively encourage parents to visit as many schools as possible so that they can make a really informed decision; a decision that if they get it right, will only be made once. Of course, if parent and grandparent are ‘old Buckholmians’, then the decision is easy.

pupils develop into extremely confident
and self-assured young people who work
and play happily together

Although it is no longer a legal requirement for teaching staff to be qualified, all of our teachers are professionally qualified, and, because class numbers are half the size of many local schools, they know their pupils extremely well. They identify strengths and weaknesses and ensure individuals are motivated and inspired. Teachers are supported by a high number of qualified Teaching Assistants, who also know the children very well and who support the teachers in ensuring the children achieve their potential. In short, qualified adults are there for the pupils every step of the way, and the relationship between pupil and teacher is trusting and meaningful.

What else are parents looking for?

Pupils “told inspectors that they were ‘adamant’ 
there was no bullying in the school

Many parents look for a good track record in dealing with bullying and bad behaviour. At Buckholme Towers unsociable behaviour is spotted easily and can be nipped in the bud quickly, ensuring that it is not able to escalate. The spotlight shines brightly on individuals and for pupils moving from other schools this can be a little intimidating at first. However, they soon realise that with the attention comes the building of an effective and rewarding rapport with teachers and other professional adults. Pupils are very happy in school, they work hard and they enjoy the rewards that come with success.

How do we compare?

"Pupils develop strong skills in their reading,writing and mathematics" OFSTED

For those parents who equate success with exam results, ours speak for themselves.  As a non-selective school, to achieve an average of 85% of pupils gaining places at the local grammar schools in the last 5 years, results are certainly something worth shouting about.

Furthermore, according to data published by the Department for Education, a greater percentage of Buckholme pupils achieved the expected standard in the Key Stage 2 SATs, than in any other school in Poole.


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