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Supportive staff for parents & students

I am writing today in deep appreciation of the education Buckholme Towers School is providing for my daughter.

The stability of the school which includes small classes, competent teachers and a coziness that my daughter and I love.

My daughter is doing so well. I understand she has some catching up to do and she will - emotional stability is paramount and I could not be happier with the support we receive from the school. From the front desk, support teachers and indeed all staff at the school!

I met Head teacher, Ruth Darvill last October - my daughter and I had only just arrived in the United Kingdom and I was eager for her to be enrolled in school as soon as possible. I was very impressed with Ruth Darvill and I am so glad I trusted my instincts. I enrolled my child immediately after she completed her taster day. She was thrilled! 

It has taken some time for me to express my heartfelt appreciation to the school and for that I apologise.....time flies and we tend to forget the importance of conveying our gratitude.

The boost my daughter needed

My daughter joined Buckholme after a couple of quite miserable years in the local state school. She seemed to have lost her confidence and was being over-looked in a large class. We were hoping she would become the bright, smiley girl we knew again, and we wanted her to prepare for the Grammar school test. Buckholme, with its small classes, friendly family atmosphere and 11+ prep was the perfect choice for her. Within weeks the change was noticeable, she made new friends straight away and enjoyed going to school every day. We were so glad we moved her as not only did she pass the 11+, but she also had a fantastic time and believed in herself again.

She is now at the Grammar and has started year 7 full of confidence and prepared for the new challenges of secondary school. She misses Buckholme a lot and we are so grateful we moved her when we did.

Small class sizes, kind, happy, welcoming Children

My daughter was very unhappy at her large state school where she was often ignored, teased and undervalued by both children and staff members. Her unhappiness was adversely affecting her behaviour, academic performance and confidence. We hadn't planned on sending her to an independent school but we were desperate. She had a taster day at BTS and loved it. Everyone was so kind and inclusive that she didn't want to leave. As most of her friends were striving to go to the grammar school she worked hard to pass the 11+ exam and achieved her goal of obtaining a grammar school place. Her confidence has soared and she has made some great friends at BTS. There is always something to look forward to in the calendar of events where everyone is encouraged to join in. As the school is so small, all age groups know each other. Although the outdoor facilities are small it certainly makes up for this in other ways.


An exceptional all rounder!

This school is truly outstanding and we have tried our fair share of schools. My daughter joined in Year 4 and had been desperately unhappy in her previous school. She had a 'try out day' at Buckholme and wanted to start the very next day! We have never looked back. I have been thoroughly impressed with all the staff, from the exceptional quality of the teaching staff through to the office and break time supervisory staff. The pastoral care has been outstanding. My daughter has excelled at this school on so many levels, academically, socially and personally. She has been offered so many different opportunities and has been totally immersed and involved in her school life and learning. When I ask her what she likes best about Buckholme she says, 'They make lessons interesting, it's fun to learn at Buckholme' and; 'I feel like someone, not just a number. I know everyone and everyone knows me'.


Fantastic School

Both my children started at Buckholme Towers in nursery. They are now in year 1 and year 4. Buckholme Towers is a fantastic school with small classes and great teachers.

The school is providing them with a high standard of education, and both are thriving in this lovely friendly school.


Excellent achievement and happy children

We chose Buckholme because of its small size and friendly atmosphere. All the staff and children know each other and the children get the individual attention they need to thrive. Our two children have benefited from excellent teaching and have had the opportunity to take part in sports and musical productions that have really brought out their confidence. Most importantly they are engaged, interested and happy to go to school.

It's a lovely school in the heart of the Ashley Cross community and I would highly recommend it.


The best start in life!

We cannot find fault with Buckholme. The pastoral care, the way the curriculum is delivered, the quality of the teaching and the community spirit is everything that we could hope for for our children.

The school motto of education through happiness and happiness through education fits perfectly.


 A happy, nurturing, academic school.

The children are happy at this school because it provides a caring environment where the child comes first. Academic progress is excellent because the teachers focus on the basics and make the learning experience stimulating and fun within small classes. My children adore the school because they receive so much attention.

The school really does believe in "Education through happiness and happiness through education".

Small Classes, Great Results

I can highly recommend Buckholme Towers School. My two children, who are now in Years 5 and 6 have received a first class education during their time in the school. The excellent teaching staff get to truly know your child and what makes them ‘tick’, alongside small class sizes, making this school very able to cater for each child’s needs. The children are happy, enthusiastic and encouraged. Couple this with the schools nurturing style, strong values and strong leadership; the children are encouraged to achieve the best that they can be. The school team, teaching staff, non-teaching, peripatetic specialist music teachers are well motivated, high quality and caring.

Speaking for my own children, I know that they are incredibly proud to be part of the school and understand the benefits that it brings to their education.

A school where teachers care

Our two children attend Buckholme Towers School because I wanted them to get individual attention at school. Having moved to the area it was very important that my children were happy at school. With small classes and excellent teachers BTS fitted the bill. The quality teaching with constant daily feedback for each child really helps the children stay focused. Both of our children embrace the weekly challenges set for them and enjoy the rewards.

The teachers really care about your child and it shows with happy, enthusiastic little learners and some teachers go that extra mile to help where ever they can, that is what makes the school special.

Education's answer to affordable luxury

The individual attention, quiet environment and host of opportunities available to my daughter make Buckholme a truly 5 star school.

Excellent teaching

I think this is an excellent school in every sense. The classes and indeed school is small enough so that all of the teachers know all of the children. There is a great variety of activities that the children can get involved in and I feel I am kept well informed about what my son is learning and how he is doing.

He is happy going to school and of course that makes me happy with the choice of school that I made.

Happy children, Excellent teaching

All 3 of our children attend Buckholme (reception, year 2 and nursery), and I can genuinely say that they all love it. When looking for a school we were keen to find somewhere where children were encouraged to achieve high standards academically, whilst also having a friendly and nurturing environment. The children are all motivated to learn and truly love coming to school. Our daughter, who is now in year 2, joined in nursery and was a very shy and nervous child. It has been an absolute joy to see her confidence grow and her develop a love for learning. The individual and personal attention that the children all receive is outstanding, every teacher knows all the children by name. This creates a lovely family atmosphere where all children are happy, safe and achieving the best of their ability.

I would not hesitate to recommend BTS to any parent who wants their child to be a happy, motivated learner and well educated.


I cannot fault this school at all. My daughter is so happy and supported here. Excellent teachers and opportunities for all the children.

Would highly recommmend it to anyone.

Really feels like a “home from home” in every sense!

We would highly recommend this school. We moved from London at the beginning of the academic year in 2015 and the school made us feel so welcome. The children have settled really quickly and really well and our son even volunteered for the student council (out of character for him and great for his confidence and social skills). Our children seem to learn so much and so quickly but in a fun and supportive way.

They love going to school and we are really pleased with their achievements.


Moving our daughter to Buckholme Towers is the best decision we ever made and our only wish is that we had made it sooner.  After moving her from a local state primary school after several unhappy years, within a few days she was a different child. She loves going to school.  Her self confidence has increased and we have seen a huge improvement in her ability.  This is largely due to much smaller class sizes meaning the children have all the individual help and attention they need. Buckholme has so much to offer including singing, music, drama, tennis and water sports and many other activities. We knew we had made the right decision straight away. The staff are wonderful and clearly have the happiness and wellbeing of the children at heart. 

We can't thank them enough.

Happy, well educated children!

Due to the increasing class sizes in state schools, when our daughter reached reception age, we made the decision to enrol her into a local private school. When reviewing our options, cost, grammar school exam entrance results and location were our main considerations.  BTS ticked all these boxes. Our initial meeting with the Head gave us a feeling of a friendly, family feeling with the children's happiness being paramount.  Our daughter is now in Year 3. She is receiving an outstanding education in an environment which encourages the children to enjoy learning, in a clsss of just 9! She enjoys the standard curriculum plus the opportunity to undertake violin lessons, various other musical and singing clubs, a wide range of sporting activities, including water sports and we all get to enjoy the annual family ski trip! The school offers great value for money but above all, a safe, happy environment where the children are all treated as individuals. 

I would highly recommend BTS

Buckholme Towers School 5 star reviews


Our twins joined Buckholme Towers towards the end of year 3. Any concerns about moving them, their ability to settle and the choice we had made were soon gone. They have settled beautifully and there has been a noticeable difference in them in many ways. Their enthusiasm for learning has been reignited, in main due to the challenge, support and personal approach that they are receiving. Their self confidence has remarkably changed. This has shown itself not only through their positive approach to learning (which I am sure will now stay with them for life) but has also been noticed by sports coaches and parents outside of the school. 
The opportunities at Buckholme Towers are remarkable when compared to a mainstream school. Buckholme Towers focuses on a positive learning experience and gives our children the opportunity to be the very best they can.

My only regret is that they did not become part of the Buckholme Towers family sooner.

Safe, Happy and Achieving

My son has been at Buckholme Towers School since nursery. He is now in Year Four and never a day has passed when he hasn’t been happy to start the school day. The school has given him the opportunity to develop in every area of education to the best of his ability and we couldn’t be happier that he loves learning. He now has the confidence to express himself and enjoy every aspect of school life from Football to Watersports and Maths to Music. Hence, our daughter has followed on two years later and enjoys every minute. She has been given every chance to explore a diverse range of subjects. Both children are keen to achieve their goals, even at this age.

Knowing our children are happy and safe within a stable, kind and productive school environment gives us, as parents, the reassurance every parent needs when your child enters nursery or school from Day One Onwards!

Cameron loves his new school...

...every time I pick him up he's smiling cheek to cheek. Teachers report he fits in seamlessly. Went to my first PTA meeting, great fun with refreshments. Looking forward to the next meeting's venue.

Definitely recommend all parents join in!

"The priority at Buckholme Towers is definitely happy children. That’s why the children want to learn, and why they achieve so much."

"We would have no hesitation in recommending Buckholme Towers School to any parent wanting the best for their child."

"I would recommend Buckholme without hesitation."

If you are considering sending your child or children to Buckholme Towers School, you can arrange a personal tour with our Headteacher, Mrs Ruth Darvill, by clicking here.