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what we offer

If you’re looking for the best primary school in Bournemouth & Poole, then look no further! One of the primary benefits of choosing Buckholme Towers School is that we aren’t bound by a curriculum. We are an independent prep school, so we are privately funded, which enables us to go beyond the curriculum and offer a more fruitful education; one that encompasses sport, music and the arts.

Take A Closer Look at Our Facilities


Our pre-prep and prep school in Poole features well maintained and equipped classrooms that are bright and airy with interactive whiteboards.  Our classrooms are very spacious and ergonomically arranged so that the younger children can interact and play without disturbing the older children.  Classrooms at Buckholme include:

·         An art and science room

·         Dedicated individual music tuition room, and an ICT suite with iPads to familiarise your child with popular technology.

·         We use the school hall for assemblies and indoor sport, and there are three mobile buildings, one of which is multi-use for first aid and individual tuition.

Outside facilities

For PE lessons, we have a netball court and small all-weather pitch on-site. There are separate play areas for EYFS and the younger and older children.

Extra facilities

There is a disabled toilet and access facilities. We have 2 minibuses for use and allocated parking, as well as two visitor parking bays.

Take a closer look at our curriculum


In addition to a broad in-school curriculum, we offer a host of other sporting activities off-site. Our relationships with local sporting facilities allow us to provide exciting and valuable opportunities for your children, going beyond the range of sports taught in some state schools. After all, situated in Poole we should teach your child how to navigate what this area offer, including beautiful Poole Harbour!


Dance, gymnastics, netball, football and yoga.


Swimming lessons, tennis lessons from LTA qualified coaches, rugby, cricket, rounders, football, netball, athletics.

During the summer term, prep school pupils can take part in water sports, including windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing and dragon boat racing.

Facilities used:

·         East Dorset Tennis

·         Dolphin Centre (swimming)

·         Rockley Park (water sports)

·         Poole Park (football)

·         East Dorset Sailing Centre

·         Jellicoe Theatre (prep school children’s performance)

·         Broadstone Leisure Centre (gym)

·         Hamworthy Club (speech day)

·         PURC (assemblies and Forest School)


All school year groups will have music lessons, and most of our pupils learn to play an instrument. We encourage music as a part of the development of your child, which is why it’s a big part of our curriculum. Children can have singing lessons, and almost all students choose to have a part in the end-of-term concerts.

Instrument lessons include: saxophone, violin, cello, guitar, piano, clarinet and drums. 

We encourage pupils to perform both in and out of prep school, and we run a School Choir and Orchestra.


In addition to French and Spanish lessons that are taught to most prep school children, we offer Mandarin lessons to our pupils.

We believe that providing an encompassing program of learning will build your child’s confidence, improve their self-esteem and provide a superior education.