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Boys Preparatory Uniform (Years 3 to 6)

Uniform is available online from Stevensons:

SUMMER UNIFORM                                                                                  

Summer uniform should be worn from the start of the Summer Term.  Summer uniform may also be worn from September to the October Half Term.

  • BTS Blazer
  • BTS Grey Trousers or Grey BTS Bermuda Shorts
  • BTS Grey Shirt with Short Sleeves
  • BTS Long Sleeved or Sleeveless Pullover with School Embroidery
  • BTS School Tie
  • Grey socks
  • Black Shoes (no flashing lights)


Winter uniform is optional from September to the October Half Term.  Thereafter Winter uniform should be worn until the end of the Lent Term.

  • BTS Green Weather Overcoat
  • BTS Blazer
  • BTS Grey Trousers
  • BTS Grey Shirt with Long Sleeves
  • BTS School Tie
  • BTS Long Sleeved or Sleeveless Pullover with School Embroidery
  • Charcoal Grey socks
  • BTS Fleece hat, scarf and gloves with School Embroidery (optional during very cold weather spells)
  • Black Shoes (no flashing lights)


  • BTS Green/Black Sport Top Short with School Embroidery or Long Sleeves (not embroidered)
  • BTS Black Base Layer (optional) to be worn under the Sport Top during Winter
  • BTS Green/Black Shorts
  • BTS Tracksuit
  • BTS Football Socks
  • BTS Hoodie – optional (available from the School Office £20.00)
  • White Gym Socks
  • Plain White or Black Trainers
  • BTS Swim Cap -  Year 3 only (available from the School Office £4.00)
  • Swim Shorts - Year 3 only (plain black swim shorts - purchased from any retailer)
  • House coloured baseball cap (Summer Term) available for the school office £7.00
  • BTS Cagoule (optional - available from the school office) £16.00
  • Gum Shield (essential)
  • Shin Pads (essential) available from Stevenson’s shop – not online shop


  • BTS Rucksack
  • BTS Nylon Art Overall
  • BTS Water Bottle (available from the School Office £3.50)
  • Lunchbox (any type, clearly named)
  • Fruit/Snack Pot (any type, clearly named)

All items are compulsory unless stated otherwise. 

Blazers and Ties must be worn to and from School.