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Risk Assessment Policy for Pupil Welfare

Responsibility for updating this policy: Headmaster

1 Policy statement

1.1 This is the pupil welfare policy of Buckholme Towers School (the School).

1.2 This policy is drawn up and implemented in accordance with the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014 (SI 2014/3283} (the ISSRs) and in particular in relation to the Part 3 obligations of the Proprietors to make arrangements to safeguard  and promote the welfare of pupils at the School by the implementation of a written risk assessment policy and the Part 8 obligations of those with leadership and management of the School to actively promote the wellbeing of pupils.

2 Responsibilities

2.1 The Proprietors have overall responsibility for safeguarding and promoting pupil welfare and well-being at the School.

2.2 At an operational level, the Headmaster will;

2.2  ensure that all staff are aware of, and adhere to, the School's policies and procedures on pupil health, safety and welfare;

2.2.2: ensure that key staff have clearly established roles and responsibilities;

2.2.3 ensure that staff are appropriately trained to deal with pupil welfare issues;

2.2.4 ensure that where concerns about a pupil's welfare are identified, the risks are appropriately managed;

2.2.5 consult with staff, pupils, parents and others, where appropriate, to find practical solutions to welfare issues;

2.2.6 ensure that standards of pupil welfare at the School are regularly monitored both at an individual level and globally to identify trends and issues of concern and to improve systems to manage these.

3 Those named in paragraph 4.4 have overall responsibility for carrying out risk assessments in relation to the specific matters of pupil health, safety and welfare covered in those policies. On a day-to-day basis this will be delegated to the relevant staff.

4 Pupil welfare

4.1 The School recognises its responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils in its care. This responsibility encompasses the following principles:

4.1.1 To support pupils' physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing (as well as their social and economic wellbeing);

4.1.2 To protect pupils from harm and neglect;

4.1.3 To recognise that corporal punishment can never be justified;

4.1.4 To provide pupils with appropriate education, training and recreation;

4.1.5 To encourage pupils to contribute to society;

4.1.6 To ensure that pupils are provided with a safe and healthy environment and to improve the physical environment of the School in order to improve its provision for disabled pupils;

4.1.7 To manage welfare concerns effectively.

4.2 The School addresses its commitment to these principles through:

4.2.1 Prevention - ensuring that all reasonable measures are taken to minimise the risks of harm to pupils and their welfare by:

(a) Ensuring through training that all staff are aware of and committed to this policy and the values set out;

(b) Establishing a positive, supportive and secure environment in which pupils can learn and develop;

(c) Including in the curriculum, activities and opportunities for PSHCe which equip pupils with skills to enable them to protect their own welfare and that of others;

(d) Providing medical and pastoral support that is accessible and available to all pupils.

4.2.2 Protection - ensuring all appropriate actions are taken to address concerns about the welfare of a pupil, whether of a safeguarding nature or otherwise.  This includes:

(a) Sharing information about concerns with agencies who need to know and involving pupils and their parents appropriately;

(b) Monitoring pupils known or thought to be at risk of harm and formulating and/or contributing to support packages for those pupils.

4.3 The School recognises that pupil welfare  and well-being can be adversely affected by many matters whether  in or away from school, including abuse, bullying, behavioural and health issues.

4.4 The School has developed this policy and the policies in the table below, which set out full details of its procedures to safeguard and promote pupil health, safety and welfare in accordance with its duties under Part 3 of the ISSRs.


Child Protection


Behaviour and Discipline

Health and Safety Policy

First Aid Policy

Medical Care Policy


Educational Visits Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Head/Deputy DSL

Deputy Head

Head and Health Safety Officer

Deputy Head /Health & Safety Officer

Senior First Aider

Pastoral Care Assistant

Deputy Head



5: Risk assessment

5.1 Where a concern about a pupil's welfare is identified, the risks to that pupil's welfare will be assessed, appropriate action will be taken to reduce the risks identified, and this will be recorded and then regularly monitored and reviewed.

5.2 The information obtained through this process and the action agreed will then be shared, as appropriate, with other staff, parents and third parties in order to safeguard and promote the welfare of a particular pupil or of pupils generally.

5.3 Any serious welfare concerns regarding a pupil must be raised as soon as reasonably practicable with the Deputy Head or Head who will work with the teacher concerned to resolve the matter.

5.4 A copy of the Pupil Risk Assessment is to be retained in the school Safeguarding and welfare records for the pupil concerned and a copy is to be passed to the Head/DSL for monitoring purposes.

6 Safeguarding/Child Protection

6.1 With regards to safeguarding    risks,   and in  accordance    with current statutory guidance,  including  Keeping Children Safe in Education  (2014)  and Working Together to Safeguard Children (2013) and Part 3 of the ISSRs, the School has systems in place to identify pupils who  may be in need of extra  help, or those who are suffering,  or are likely  to  suffer  significant harm,  and  willtake  appropriate action  to  address  and mitigate  those  risks  by  working  in conjunction  with  social  care,  the  Police,  health services and other services, where necessary.

6.2 Full details of the School's safeguarding procedure are set out in the Safeguarding policy.

7 Anti-Bullying

7.1 The School has a written Anti-bullying Policy which covers the School's approach to the management of bullying and cyber bullying.

8 Behaviour

8.1 The School has a written Behaviour and Discipline  Policy  which  sets  out  how  it promotes  good behaviour  amongst  pupilsand the sanctions  to be adopted  in the event of pupil misbehaviour.

9 Equal Opportunities

9.1 The School has a written Equal Opportunities Policy  which  contains  information about the School's  performance  of its duties  under theEqualityAct 2010 and the reasonable    adjustments    made for pupils with educational    needs/disabilities, support systems for pupils and liaison between parents and other  agencies.

10 Health and Safety

10.1 In accordance with its obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and with Part 3 of the ISSRs, the School has a duty to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees and the health and safety of pupils and others affected by the School's operations, so far as is reasonably practicable.

10.2 The School will do so by taking a sensible, proportionate and holistic approach to management of health and safety issues in accordance with the School's obligations and its health and safety policies set out at 4.4.

Authorised by the Headmaster: I M Robertson

Date: September 2016