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Homework Policy

General Statement

Parental help and support of Buckholme Towers School's Homework Policy will greatly benefit your child. From Reception onwards, all pupils will be required to undertake some work at home during the week. All formal homework is designed to further the learning undertaken during the school day and staff are required to ensure that it is relevant and appropriately challenging.

Reading at home is an essential aspect of the Homework Policy. All pupils from Reception to Year 5 follow the school reading scheme and supplementary schemes where necessary. Further details of the reading scheme and how reading is monitored are available in the Reading Policy.

Junior School

In the Junior School (Reception to Year 2), pupils will be set a small amount of homework designed to develop core skills. This will include the requirement for pupils to read at home. Indeed, in this area of the school, it is vital that pupils work on their reading skills, reading regularly to an adult and discussing content. Each week, pupils will be expected to undertake the following tasks at home:


Reading – pupils should be heard to read for ten to fifteen minutes at a time. Parents should make a record of reading sessions in the Reading Record Book.

Year 1

In addition to regular reading at home, pupils will be set weekly spellings. Generally, these will be designed to develop an understanding of spelling patterns and will centre on high frequency words.

Year 2

In addition to regular reading, the children will be set weekly spellings to learn for a spelling test. They will also be set a piece of maths homework to consolidate the week's learning or skills such as times tables. From the spring term they will also be set a piece of literacy, related to grammar or punctuation. 

Senior School

In the Senior School (Years 3 to 6), pupils are expected to undertake the equivalent of at least 30 minutes homework each evening. During Years 3 and 4 the focus remains on the

reinforcement of core skills. However, as pupils move into Years 5 and 6 there is an increasing emphasis on the development of independent research skills, which will help to prepare them for the expectations of secondary schools. While parental input remains perfectly acceptable, it is important that pupils learn to carry out tasks on their own.

Completion of homework within a deadline is a valuable learning skill.

Pupils who persistently fail to meet deadlines will be expected to catch up on missed work at an appropriate time during the school day. Staff are required to mark homework in line with the Marking Policy and poorly presented homework will be repeated at the discretion of the member of staff. Parents should inform the appropriate teacher if their child regularly spends too much (or, indeed, too little) time on a homework topic.

Each week, pupils will be expected to undertake the following tasks at home:

Years 3 and 4

Pupils should continue to read at home under supervision and be given the opportunity to discuss the content of what they have read. In addition, they will be set spellings and times tables, along with a formal English and maths homework or Science/Humanities.

Year 5

Pupils should be encouraged to read as they work towards becoming fully independent readers. Weekly spellings will be set, along with formal homework in maths, English and humanities or science and French. A termly research project may be set in an additional curriculum area.

Year 6

Pupils should be encouraged to read as they move towards becoming fully independent readers. Weekly spellings and French vocabulary will be set, along with maths, English and Humanities or Science. A termly research project may be set in an additional curriculum area.

Homework is occasionally not set:

·       If the class misses the lesson during which homework is set e.g. the class is out of school on a visit or outing

·       If the member of staff is absent from school

·       For the last few days of term

Completed homework should be handed in to the appropriate member of staff. In exceptional circumstances, homework may be emailed to the school office where it will be printed if necessary. However, the administrative staff will not be responsible for handing homework to class teachers.

Pupils should not use data storage devices in conjunction with the school computer network without permission from a member of the teaching staff. All devices will be subject to checking by the school’s anti-virus software.

Pupils in the Senior School are responsible for writing down their homework.

Members of staff will generally write the homework on the board, but may not be able to inspect each child’s book at the end of the lesson. It is vital that parents reinforce the necessity for pupils to take responsibility for recording their own homework.

Children may receive a demerit in Yrs 5 and 6 if they fail to give in their homework on time, without good reason.

Monitoring and Review

This policy is monitored and reviewed by the Headteacher once every year in consultation with the teaching staff. Parents will be invited to contribute to the review every three years.

This policy should be read alongside:

·       The Teaching and Learning Policy

·       The Curriculum Policy

·       The Marking Policy


Reviewed September 2016