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o   6 HB pencils

o   B and 4B pencils for art

o   Pencil sharpener

o   2 handwriting pens (blue)

o   15 cm ruler

o   30 cm ruler

o   Rubber

o   Complete Geometry set

o   A4 sketch book

o   Glue stick (Pritt stick or similar)

o   Plastic A4 folder for homework and homework diary

o   Coloured pencils and felt tips

o   Dictionary (not simplified, e.g. Collins Pocket English)

o   Thesaurus (e.g. Collins Pocket English)

o   Collins Easy Learning Dictionary - French


In order to return any lost items to their rightful owners, it is vital that every item is clearly named or marked with initials. Names put on with permanent markers do wear off, so please re-name regularly.