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Private vs State School

Private vs. state school; what’s the difference, and what ensures the very best education for children? Private schools, including our independent prep school in Poole, have school fees, and whether they are worth paying is a discussion some parents understandably have. For parents who need to justify the spend, we hope to help. We’ve joined the debate on state school vs private school, and why parents choose the latter.

 Buckholme Towers School

Buckholme Towers School

1.       Private vs. state school: the class sizes

One big difference between private and state schools is class sizes. Class size is something not to be overlooked, and smaller class sizes afford excellent benefits. It stands to reason that the more pupils there are to one teacher the less time that teacher will have to work closely with each of them. In private schools, class sizes are generally smaller to ensure each pupil receives the optimal amount of attention. At Buckholme Towers School, our small class sizes are around 14 pupils. This allows teachers to give each child their focus and attention, and to quickly notice children who are failing or not paying attention. In state schools, it’s 27 pupils on average in each class and with a 2 or 3 form entry, this is a really large cohort.  At Buckholme, we currently have a 1 form entry throughout the school which is now something of a rarity.

2.       The curriculum – the broader range available

Another big difference between private and state schools is the curriculum. One of the reasons why parents choose a private education vs. state education, especially independent prep schools, is because no governing body dictates the curriculum scope. This allows independent private schools to put together a more comprehensive curriculum, including peripatetic music lessons, or sports such as sailing and cricket. State schools generally follow the National Curriculum, but they are not able to add to it. This means that state schools can’t broaden the opportunities available for pupils that could significantly expand their knowledge, experience and education.

3.       The results – the difference between private schools vs state schools statistics

As a result of the elements above, and because the fees paid to private schools that afford the schools to have superior teaching staff, independent prep schools consistently get higher school results. Guaranteeing a child has an excellent start to their education affords them excellent opportunities to progress into the next stage of education; last year 100% of Buckholme Towers pupils who sat the test, were offered places at grammar schools.

Ultimately, from reviews we’ve read from parents, the reason why parents chose private schools, especially our independent prep school in Poole, is because of the benefits their child simply wouldn’t have got elsewhere. The care, dedication and opportunities are available because teachers are held more accountable

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