From the catwalks of Ashley Cross...

Year 1 provided an unexpected treat, this morning, when they staged a fashion show for the whole school, catwalk and all.

It all began on Tuesday when Vyana and Freya came into my office with mysterious envelopes for me. Inside were beautifully written invitations, telling where I had to be and when.

I was very excited and couldn’t wait to see what they had been up to.

At 10.00am this morning, the whole school filed into the hall and took their positions around the catwalk that had been marked out on the floor.

The children had been learning about materials and clothes – ‘which are the best materials for the job?’. A key part of the project was to design and print their own T shirts, and it was these they were showcasing this morning.

The music started, cameras flashed and Year 1 worked the room like seasoned super models. Even Mrs Odhams and Miss Tolman had made T shirts and even they took a turn down the catwalk, to rapturous applause from the adoring crowd! Well done Year 1, Mrs Odhams and Miss Tolman!

Buckholme Towers School Fashion Show invite
Buckholme Towers School Fashion Show
Buckholme Towers School Fashion Show