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The Many Benefits of Music Education

Music education is quickly disappearing from the curriculum of schools across the UK. Sadly, for state schools in particular, music lessons are one of the areas that are cut out of school programs when budgets are reduced. Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber is one of the well-known advocates of the importance of music having a place in education, as music education “empowers children in all sorts of different ways”.

At Buckholme Towers School, music education is vital to our curriculum, which is why we offer peripatetic music lessons. Our prep school music education provides the opportunity for children to learn a range of instruments, including violin, piano and guitar, as well as to sing and perform. We offer all year groups music in the curriculum and we provide children with the opportunity to join/attend choir, orchestra and recorder free of charge.

Why is this so important to us? We want to ensure that our pupil’s reap the many benefits of music education, including:

1.       Improved memory

Music education helps to improve the brain’s ability to recall something from memory. Pupils who partake in music lessons tend to be able to successfully recall verbal information they’ve learnt. This cognitive strength is a great benefit to children when it comes to exams.

2.       Better test results

A 2007 study by a music education professor at the University of Kansas found that pupils in elementary schools who engage in music lessons as a part of their curriculum score up to 22% higher in English tests and 20% higher in Maths tests. Peripatetic music lessons teach students how to concentrate and the importance of focusing, and these skills lend themselves to tests.


3.       Progress the development of language

Studies have found that music education physically develops the side of the brain that processes language. Children will link familiar songs to new information that they are learning, and this process helps to imprint information in their minds. Music education is also thought to help children to be more verbally competent.

4.       Hone talent

As we well know, ‘talent’ varies per pupil. If there is talent in our midst, we want to make sure that pupil can develop. We think it’s important to offer education in the arts at prep school age as this is when children start to discover what they are good at and what they want to learn more about. Prep school music lessons can develop the musical experience, skill and passion of pupils.

5.       Channel for self-expression

When a child is young, they are still learning the process of language and how to communicate with peers, teachers and others they meet, as well as getting to know themselves better. Music is a means for children to express themselves. It also it a way for children to channel their energy in a productive, beneficial way. This is why we offer music lessons for pre-schoolers.

We believe that pupils who are engaged in a music program will have a more enriched education. Learning how to play an instrument and singing with your peers is a valuable experience. As well as improving cognitive skills, music education develops their understanding of the art, culture and increases happiness.

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