What is a Prep School?

For parents, ensuring that your child goes to the right school is of paramount importance, whether that’s a prep school or a state school, you want a school that has an excellent reputation, a school that will enhance your child’s education, and a school that nurtures fantastic results as this provides your child with a superior foothold in academia and life.

What is a prep school?


Prep schools are private, independent schools for children up to age 13 that provide education at a cost. Traditionally, preparatory schools are ‘preparation’ for grammar schools or private secondary education.

One benefit of prep schools being independently funded is that the school can choose their own curriculum. This means that children will get access to a much more diverse and fruitful education, for example, including more opportunities in sport education such as sailing lessons.

What’s a prep school’s expected results?

When searching for a good school, it’s essential to look at the results of that school. The job industry is much more competitive than it’s ever been, so having a strong start to education and learning is key. One of the benefits of private school is that the children are more likely to succeed later in life in their chosen career.

This advantage of a prep school education provides your child with an advantage in their education that they may not obtain otherwise.

The results speak for themselves!

At Buckholme Towers School, we are immensely proud of our pupils’ results.  100% of our pupils were offered a place at the local grammar schools this year.

If you would like to find out about the exceptional curriculum at Buckholme Towers School, please complete our contact form or give us a call on 01202 742871. We are now enrolling for September 2019, so book a tour with our head of school to get a feel for the independent preparatory school that could nurture your child’s education and equip him or her for future success!