Welcome to Buckholme Towers

Our school nestles in the heart of Ashley Cross, Lower Parkstone, Poole but also draws pupils from the Purbecks and across Bournemouth.

It offers a broad and varied curriculum while managing to achieve a balance, both educationally and pastorally, between the traditional and the progressive.

Classes are small, providing the perfect environment for individual learning. Our experienced staff quickly get to know pupils, so that strengths and talents can be developed and any weaknesses supported. In short, there is no chance that pupils will ‘slip through the net’!

Traditional values are at the heart of everything we do.  A caring and supportive atmosphere means children are happy and secure and ready for the challenges of school life.

A large percentage of Buckholme pupils achieve places at the local grammar schools and this is undoubtedly one of the success criteria for many of our parents. However, more importantly, pupils leave Buckholme confident and eager to learn; they are good communicators and have a strong work ethic – these things, as much as the academic results, are how we measure our success.

Iain Robertson - Headmaster

Buckholme Towers Headmaster, Iain Robertson

Vision Statement

‘Happiness through education, education through happiness.’

We will provide a quality education. There will be high expectations, excellent teaching and a secure, caring, stimulating and challenging environment for both pupils and staff.

A positive attitude to education will be further developed so that we build firm foundations for learning. We will create a culture of learning and achievement for all.

By generating feelings of self-worth and mutual respect, we are committed to the creating of opportunities that will enable all children to succeed. We endeavour to broaden our horizons by establishing the school at the heart of the local community and the community at the heart of the school. 

At Buckholme Towers we foster a spirit of understanding and tolerance of all faiths. Although assemblies are Christian in their nature they focus on those ideas and values which are held in common by the world’s great religions: love of our neighbour, care for our environment and the development of each child’s spiritual awareness.

Safeguarding Statement

The proprietors and staff at Buckholme Towers share an objective to help keep the children safe by contributing to:

Providing a safe environment for them to learn;

Identifying children who are suffering or likely to suffer significant harm, and taking appropriate action with the aim of making sure that they are kept safe both at home and in the education setting.

To achieve this objective, we:

  • Aim to prevent unsuitable people from working with the children;
  • Promote safe practice and challenge any poor or unsafe practice;
  • Identify instances where there are grounds for concern about a child’s welfare and initiate or take appropriate action to keep them safe;
  • Contribute to effective partnership working between all those involved in providing services for our children.