Are you looking closely enough at your child's education?


At Buckholme Towers the facts are in plain sight…

  •  Small classes

With an average of 14 pupils in a class, our teachers know each and every one of them and exactly what makes them tick.

  • Happy children

Inspectors recently reported that pupils were adamant there was no bullying in school. In our school, all pupils feel safe and that their voices are listened to.

  • Outstanding achievements

Buckholme boasts the highest average pass rate at 11+ and the highest percentage of pupils achieving expected standards in the Key Stage 2 SATs, in the whole of Poole. Of course, many of them achieve well beyond the expected standard.


With fees starting at just £1400 per term*, a better standard of education could be within reach.

*Reception children eligible for FEE

You don’t need a magnifying glass to see what’s best for your child.