Junior - Girls

Long hair must be tied back with green ribbon or plain white, black or brown ties/clips.  Earrings must be gold or silver small studs only.  Earrings must not be worn to School on PE/Games days (if ears have been recently pierced then surgical tape must be used to cover the earrings).

SUMMER UNIFORM                                                                                  

Summer uniform should be worn from the start of the Summer Term.  Summer uniform may also be worn from September to the October Half Term.

·       BTS Blazer

·       BTS Boater – available for the school office                                                                              

·       BTS Summer Dress                                                                                                                                                              

·       BTS Cardigan with School Embroidery

·       White long socks

·       White briefs

·       Black Shoes (no patent leather)


Winter uniform is optional from September to the October Half Term.  Thereafter Winter uniform should be worn until the end of the Lent Term.

·       BTS Green Weather Overcoat

·       BTS Blazer

·       BTS Felt Hat – available for the school office

·       BTS Tartan Pinafore

·       BTS White Blouse with Long Sleeves

·       BTS School Tie

·       BTS Cardigan with School Embroidery

·       Grey Tights or Long Grey Socks

·       White

·       BTS Fleece hat, scarf and gloves with School Embroidery (optional during very cold weather spells)

·       Black Shoes (no patent leather)


·       BTS Green/Black Sport Top Short or Long Sleeves with School Embroidery

·       BTS Black Base Layer (optional) to be worn under the Sport Top during Winter

·       BTS Green & Black Skort or Shorts

·       BTS Tracksuit

·       BTS Hoodie (optional) available from the School Office £20.00

·       White Gym Socks

·       Plain White or Black Trainers

·       House coloured baseball cap (Summer Term) available for the school office £7.00

·       BTS Cagoule (optional) available for the school office £16.00


·       BTS School Bag – Reception pupils only

·       BTS PE Bag- Reception pupils only

·       BTS Rucksack – Years 1 and 2 only

·       BTS Nylon Art Overall

·       BTS Water Bottle (available from the School Office £3.50)

·       Lunchbox (any type, clearly named)

·       Fruit/Snack Pot (any type, clearly named)

All items are compulsory unless stated otherwise.

Hats and Blazers must be worn when travelling to and from school.

Uniform is available online from John Lewis. Please note that with the exception of shoes and school socks, all other garments are to be purchased from Stevensons by clicking here.