How can being in a SMALLER CLASS help your child?

Our average class size is 14 pupils

In England, a small class is generally seen to be made up of fewer than 19 pupils to every one teacher.  The average class size is 27 pupils.

For many parents choosing a school for their child, class size is one of the fundamental features that they look at when making their decision. However, many people are not aware of the benefits of small class sizes and the positive effects they can have on learning.

Small class sizes are essential for good learning and can hugely influence the level of academic excellence achieved by pupils. A report by Professor Peter Blatchford of the Institute of Education, University of London, found that “in both reading and maths, pupils in small classes performed significantly better than pupils in regular classes.”

This academic success came from teachers being able to spend more one-to-one time with pupils as well as having more time to spend planning and marking work – two key opportunities which are not easily accessible for teachers of regular sized classes. As a consequence of small class sizes, pupils are also better behaved and are more engaged in the learning process. Pupils in small classes ask more questions, discuss subjects with teachers and are more inquisitive than their regular class size peers.

The American Federation of Teachers reported that studies proved that “smaller class students substantially outperformed larger class students on both standardised and curriculum-based tests.” It also found that “in smaller classes, there was earlier identification of struggling students.”

The evidence in favour of small class sizes is overwhelming and there is no better place for your child to flourish in a small class than Buckholme Towers. Small class sizes are at the core of Buckholme Towers’ philosophy.  Our average class size is 14 pupils.  It is also important to note that all of our classes benefit from the support of a Teaching Assistant.

For children, being a member of a small class can be fundamental in early learning and development and can form solid foundations for the future. Buckholme Towers' small class sizes allow teachers to spend more time with children individually and with small average class sizes throughout the school you can be sure that your child will receive the attention and high standard of education that he/she deserves.

"At Buckholme Towers, we want our pupils’ questions to be listened to and answered, and in a small class, no hand goes unseen and no voice unheard."

Our small class sizes allow children to thrive in a productive learning environment where any negative behaviour or educational issues are spotted and resolved quickly.

 Bronte, aged 7.

Bronte, aged 7.

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