Years 3 and 4 girls hockey team hold their own in local competition.

The girls all stepped up to the mark and showed great commitment and improved skills throughout the afternoon. Special mention must be made of Connie and Rosie in defence and of Valerie and Harriet in attack. The girls all had fun and we finished the afternoon with two losses, two draws and two wins. Very well done indeed, girls!

Girls hockey.jpg

Friendship week

Last week the pupils focused on Friendship as part of the national ‘anti-bullying’ week. Miss Harmon led an informative assembly and all the classes came up with a slogan to create a friendship poster. The children enjoyed exploring the ideas of friendship and found out new things about each other as a result. Mrs Darvill was particularly impressed by a group of girls who created a poster with some excellent messages and acronyms such as HEARTS (Help, Everyone, And, Respect, The School). Well done girls.

anti-bullying work.jpg